Eating and Eating Disorders In Lockdown

It is totally normal to turn to food in moments of uncertainty, panic and boredom. And lets face it the world is currently MAD. We are all facing a situation we’ve never faced before. Our subconscious brains are currently in survival mode, our conscious brains probably don’t even know what day of the week it is right now(I know I don’t!).If you throw history of disordered eating there, it’s no surprise that self-sabotaging eating patterns will surface.

  • Using food as a distraction⁣ to overcome boredom or anxiety.⁣
  • Worrying about not being at the gym or exercising as much
  • ⁣using calorie counting as a mind distraction.

There are also a lot of memes and discussions about gaining weight during quarantine. Easier said than done but now IS NOT THE TIME TO DIET or focus on your weight. Now is the time, when people are dying every day from the virus, to treat your body with respect and kindness, and that when we make it out of all this, we THANK our bodies (whatever size they are)for getting us through it. Things that are important to us are revealing themselves in these crazy times, and your daily calorie allowance shouldn’t be one of them.

⁣⁣I realise some of this is like saying “what ARE YOU depressed about?” to a depressed person. If you are wired this way then old habits die hard. If anyone has ever read The Chimp Paradox (if not, do, it’s a great read)then you will realise that this is “survival mode”. Our subconscious brain is trying to put us in a natural “flight or fight” primal response. Our primal brains are automatically remembering what has got us through frightening or threatening times before and is almost autonomously doing this. Addicts and anyone with self-sabotaging behaviours are probably finding these times tough to navigate! ⁣Remember you are strong and you are worth it. You deserve to treat yourself with kindness. Now is the time to do everything you can to CONNECT with yourself and your body and REALLY think what it needs:self-care, kindness, nutrients, some fresh air, some yoga?⁣

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