Self Conscious about weight or age

You do not need to change your body before you start lifting weights, or even after, and there is no such thing as “too old” to start lifting weights. Whether small or large, old or young, weight training is for everyone. No-one is judging you – and if they are that is their problem not yours! You will notice, unless I am specifically asked, I wont often use weight loss as selling point. This isn’t because it cannot be an outcome, but because there are far more valuable achievements that you can accomplish while you are lifting weights, physically and mentally – that you can gain through lifting weights.

Not sure what to do/how to use equipment

When taking up new skills and new sports you must start somewhere. Many clients are worried they will not be strong enough to do anything. This really isn’t possible, there are exercises suitable for every level. The point of having a trainer is for them to safely and effectively show you the best exercises for you and build you up to becoming a stronger version of yourself, from wherever your individual starting point is.

Self-conscious about lifting weights/weights area

Those macho grunts can be intimidating to males and females, and I have been the only female in the weights room many, many times. When I first started, I was scared to just go and lift the bar, but generally, no one cares – everyone is doing their own thing. Have courage – and you will probably encourage others, you can even go with a friend. Private gyms like Taylor’s are perfect if this is a concern as everyone is helpful, encouraging and have all started the same way. The lifting community is one of the friendliest and supportive I have ever known.


As with any exercise or sport, injury is always a small possibility, but there is absolutely no reason why weight training should cause any more concern than say- going for a run. If you are working with a qualified instructor, are upfront and honest about any limitations and previous injuries you may have had, you will be able to train using a programme of exercise bespoke to you and your capabilities.

Don’t want to get “too big”

This one puts off many women. People have the image of an old-fashioned female bodybuilder in their minds when they think of weight training. Firstly – what does “too big” even mean? … there is no such thing as “too big” if that person likes how they look. Secondly – unless you are willing to completely overhaul your life, your diet and spend most of your spare time training, this will not happen. Bodybuilding is completely different to strength and weight training and requires a whole different type of preparation.