I am a Health at Every Size, body positive personal trainer focusing on complete wellbeing. I encourage people to move away from “dieting” and work on their emotional relationship with food and exercise to form a better relationship with their body. I am extremely interested in body image and eating disorders and am currently studying a conversion course MSc in Psychology of Mental Health and Wellbeing before hoping to complete a PhD within this area.

 I focus primarily on strength training and powerlifting. I genuinely believe that moving your body and lifting some heavy weights about, makes you feel stronger – both mentally and physically. Loving what your body can do is much more important than changing what it looks like. 

I try to make my sessions challenging but fun, keeping track of progress. I encourage learning to see your body for more than its aesthetic appearance including learning to enjoy exercise, food, accept your body, and embracing activity just for the fun of it. 

I have a BA in Sport from Bucks New Uni and an MSc in Nutrition and Exercise Science from Chester University where I focused primarily on nutrition and diets for women with PCOS and disordered eating in athletes. I then continued my nutritional studies and have a Level 3 Diploma in Eating Disorders from Stonebridge College and a Level One Certificate in Applying Intuitive Eating and Non-Diet Approaches in Practice from the London Centre of Intuitive Eating. I am also obviously a fully qualified Level 3 personal trainer.

I am really passionate about being able to help you get into strength training and really love what you can achieve with your body! Get in touch today for a PT session or take a look at my nutrition or body confidence section, or shop for some great confidence boosting merch!


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